Who teaches the teacher?

Today is September 1st. Where has the year gone? The new semester started last week. I’m teaching five (yes 5!) classes and taking two. I’m not sure what I was thinking. This is going to be a god awful amount of work, but I know I can do it. 3 of the classes are only 8 weeks long. I can do anything for 8 weeks. Right?

I never realized until just this weekend how important it is to put the class number on all the emails going out to my professors. They, like me, are teaching multiple classes too and without some kind of identifier, the emails that come in elicit a “who is that and what class are they in” response. 

I got an email from a student this morning and it took me about ten minutes to figure out what class she was in. I’ve sent out reminder notices to all my students to please put the class number in the subject line of the email. I’m going to hammer that point home again this week in person. It’s the little things like this that nobody tells you about in orientation meetings. These are the kind of “learn on the fly” things you figure out for yourself. Now I know why all of my professors are so insistent on it. For all the times I did not include the class number: I’m sorry professors. It won’t happen again! 

I love teaching, it’s what I was meant to do. I think, that is, I hope, I reach my students. I know they teach me a lot every semester and I think that’s how it should be. I should learn at least as much from them, as they do from me. 

The English classes are going to be a challenge this semester, only because, this is my first time teaching them. I’m working with students who need a little extra support in things like citations, formatting papers, basic grammar, etc. All of this I can do, it’s just daunting because It’s new to me. Already though, I can see some of the students having those “aha” moments. “Ohhhh, that’s how you do that” is something I love to hear. 

It’s going to be a hectic semester with the 5 classes plus the 2 grad classes I’m taking, but it’s fun. So, time to stop procrastinating (aka letting my brain wake up) and get back to it;  I have a close reading for L501 to revise. 


The Music of my Life

The Music of my Life.

The Music of my Life


As many of you who know me know, I’m a Queen fan. Ok, I’m more than just your average Queen fan, I’m gaga over Queen! Queen’s music is what gets me through the hard times, helps me celebrate the good times, and keeps me focused on the goals I’ve set for myself.

I’m teaching now and one of the assignments we have is to bring in lyrics to a song that means something to you. I have two, and both are Queen songs. These songs could be said to be the themes that run through my life. The first is “I Want it All.” It’s my theme song because when I have those days where I wonder exactly WHY I’m still in school, why I put myself through the struggle and stress of the Masters program, I think about the words to the song.

I want it all,

I want it all,

I want it all,

and I want it now!

That describes me perfectly and reminds me what I’m working for. I want it all (all being a full time teaching job) and I want it NOW!

The other song is “Innuendo” and the line that jumps out at me every time I listen to the song is:

You can be anything you want to be, just turn yourself into anything you think that you could ever be.”

Now if that’s not a powerful message for students, I don’t know what is. I’ll be using both of these bits from the songs in an upcoming class. I hope my students see that music can be more than just the background sounds in our life, it can be what motivates us and gives us purpose. Freddie never knew the kind of impact he had on my life, but thanks to the book “Bohemian Rhapsodies,” the rest of the band members do. The book is a collection of fan encounters and/or stories about how Queen and their music has affected their (our) lives. I’ve got a short bit in there about how Queen changed and continues to change my life. I hope there’s a heaven and that Freddie is able to know somehow just how much he changed my life. You may be gone, but never forgotten. We still love you too Freddie! Thank you Freddie, Brian, Roger, and John for the music of my life.

I’m up on Amazon!

I'm up on Amazon!.

I’m up on Amazon!

As of today, the chapbook I wrote for the publishing class I took last year is up on Amazon.com. I have to say it’s a total thrill to see my book up there. (does happy dance around the room). I’m published…and not only that, I’m up on Amazon.com so the whole world can find my book. WOOOHOOO!!

Here’s the link if you all are so inclined: http://www.amazon.com/Resonance-Lori-Hicks/dp/1300926147/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1390575474&sr=8-8&keywords=Lori+Hicks#reader_1300926147


Dreams — they are good to have, they give you reasons to get up in the morning. Dreams can take you places you want to be, places you only thought possible in those dreams. Sometimes dreams turn into goals. Recently I’ve reached several goals: I have graduated with my Bachelors degree in English Literature. I have been accepted into and have started taking classes for my Masters degree in Creative Writing. And I’ve recently begun teaching freshman seminar classes. So that’s three goals that started out as dreams that I’ve achieved. Now it’s time to set new goals.

The first new goal will be to graduate from the Masters program. The second goal is to teach English classes. The third goal, and one I’ve held on to for a very long time, is to have one of my novels be finished AND published by someone who is not me. LOL, that might seem a bit odd but I mean professionally published by a house, large or small. There is nothing wrong with self-publishing, it’s just not what I dream for myself. I want to walk into Barnes and Noble and see my book on the shelf.

These goals are all 1) attainable and 2) realistic. If I can manage to graduate with my Bachelors degree, get accepted into Grad school, and start teaching all within a month of each other, there isn’t anything I can’t do. So look out world, here I come!

Here’s the anthology Table of Contents that is the final assignment due for the W280 class. I really enjoyed this class and holding the book I created of my poetry was pretty awesome. This TOC is to an imaginary poetry collection I did/would have put together.

Table Of Contents

Mary Ruefle Grief 1

Mary Ruefle The Feather 2

Mary Ruefle The Terror of Transience 3

Clayton Michaels Icarus 4

Clayton Michaels Anodyne 5

Clayton Michaels Tantric 6

Nancy Botkin Another Passenger 7

Nancy Botkin What it Takes 8

Nancy Botkin What We Do 9

Alan Peterson Eight Presidents 10

Alan Peterson No Spare Time 11

Alan Peterson Survival 13

Lori Hicks Spock’s Umbrella 14

Lori Hicks Freedom Assumed 15

Lori Hicks The Beat 16

Ryan Gruenwald Our Drought 17

*Samantha Hunsberger Yorktown 18

*Nick Wort Nicotine 19

Tina Chang Part of the Forest 20

Tina Chang Lencois 21

David Rivard To Danae 22

David Rivard Delightful Soup 24

Robert VanderMolen Tracks 26

Robert VanderMolen Turning 50 27

Robert VanderMolen The Gangsters 28

Gretchen Mattox The Moon is No Mother 30

Gretchen Mattox Can You Help Me 31

Gretchen Mattox Alte Romerstrasse, Dauchau 2001 32

Louise Mathias Subterranean 34

Louise Mathias Blind Alley 35

Louise Mathias Wingspan 36

Jonathan Pugh Rise and Fall 37

Jonathan Pugh Gallant 38

Jonathan Pugh Qattara Depression 39

Thomas Swiss Rings True 40

Thomas Swiss In Church 42

Forrest Hamer The Point of the Story 43

Forrest Hamer My Personal Epistemology 44

Donna Munro Trepidar 45

Donna Munro There’s Nothing So Bad Living Can’t Fix It 47

Donna Munro Broken Guitar 48

Ted Kooser Trumpet Vine 49

Ted Kooser Mussel Shells in Winter 50

Ted Kooser At First Light 51

Hugh Seidman High School 52

Karen Whalley Under the Sign of Fire 53

Karen Whalley Family of Hard Workers 54

Karen Whalley French Rose 55

Kevin Clark Hands Off 57

Kevin Clark The Crossing 59

Jim Daniels Demonstration 61

Jim Daniels Wall of the Human Heart 63

Jim Daniels Love Weed 65

Christopher Kennedy Fancy Dinosaur 66

Christopher Kennedy Narcissus 67

Christopher Kennedy Proverbial Zoo 68

Kevin Prufer The Fall of the Empire 69

Kevin Prufer Air Disaster Over Kansas 70

Kevin Prufer Lonliness 71

Terrance Hayes The Blue The 72

Terrance Hayes The Blue Castro 74

Herb Scott Sleeping Woman 76

Herb Scott Bees 78

Herb Scott Picture Puzzle 79

Nick Flynn Father Outside 80

Nick Flynn Elms 82

Frederick Siedel The Final Hour 83

Jane Canfield The Little White Dog 84

Dean Young Bathed in Dust and Ashes 85

Dean Young Man in Red 87

Franz Wright Fathers 88

Franz Wright The Maker 90

Franz Wright Walking to Martha’s Vineyard 91

David Dodd Lee The Houses 93

David Dodd Lee Quarter Notes 94

David Dodd Lee The Invention of Rope 95

Charmi Keranan Late Cretaceous 96

Charmi Keranan Low Ceilings 98

Charmi Keranan And What of the Moss 99

Joe Bolton Not This Life 100

Joe Bolton Departure 102

Joe Bolton Before The Squall Broke Over 104

Carrie Oeding Neighbor Curse 105

*Erin Britt Artifacts 106

*Erin Britt Reruns 107

*Erin Britt Judgment Day 108

Bradley Paul What Kind of Creeping Death Are You 109

Bradley Paul What Kind of Mysterious Orphan Are You 110

Steve Breyek On Soft Terror 111

Steve Breyek Lot’s Wife’s Lot 112

Michael Schmeltzer The Owners, The Animals 113

Michael Schmeltzer Alterations 115

Jesse Damiani One More 116

Shaylah Kloska Salt Years 117

Shaylah Kloska The Albatross is a Paper Bird 118

Norman Dubie The Chemist of the Zero Dolman 119

Norman Dubie The Flower Octagon of Old Manhattan 120

Norman Dubie The Dead Madrigal Bears of Afghanistan 122

Christopher Barnes Capital Punishment 123

Christopher Barnes Death Warrant 124

Christopher Barnes Son 125

Cade Collum On the State of a Man in Shock 126

Cade Collum This Day to Come 128

Cade Collum Slapout 129

Brennan Wysong Milk or Whelk 130

Brennan Wysong Low Owls 131

Brennan Wysong Woods Shock 133

Chris Pexa Conversion Blues 135

Mark Decartaret Knuckled Under 137

Johnathon Williams Stillwell Oklahoma 139

Katrina Roberts Inari 140

Katrina Roberts Cartography 141

Katrina Roberts The Farm Labor Camp is Just Down The Road 143

Carolina Vargas Volcanoes and Whispers 144

Carolina Vargas Don’t Scream 145

Carolina Vargas An Answer 146

Elizabeth Hughey Trained Ivies 147

Elizabeth Hughey Questions for Emily 149

Elizabeth Hughey Debt Etiquette 151

Jennifer Chapis Avalanche 152

Jennifer Chapis Ashes in Grand Central Terminal 153

Juliet Patterson Useless Song 155

Juliet Patterson She Said 156

Juliet Patterson Passing Remark 157

Miguel Murphy Thorn 158

Miguel Murphy Coprophagy 159

Miguel Murphy A Morbid Education 161







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